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How to Use Zoom

Stay connected to your community through virtual meetings. Follow these beginner tips and steps to get your Zoom profile set up.


No More Keyword Research?

Keywords don't matter the same way they used to. Instead of knowing which words people are using, it's more about what questions they're asking. Here's how to apply this to your content and...

Social Media Guide for Churches

Your Church Can Reach More People through Social Media

Almost everybody is using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram...your church should be too!

With billions of people logging onto various social platforms...

8 Social Media Tips for Churches


Nearly half of the world’s population is on social media. If the Seventh-day Adventist movement is to make strides in sharing the Gospel, we must be present where the masses are.


What is Digital Evangelism?

What happens in 1 internet minute?

Can you guess what happened in the last 60 seconds online?

1 million people logged onto Facebook.

3.8 million searches were...

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