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Writer/Content Marketer — Full-time

Job Brief

Full-time content marketing/writing position at COE. Researches and writes content for websites and other channels promoting Seventh-day Adventists in a positive manner. Other writing projects as assigned. Also may require occasional non-writing tasks.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Must be teachable and able to adapt writing style to content marketing best practices as applied by COE
  • Must be willing to be coached –regardless of your experience
  • Professional:
    • Meets deadlines
    • Able to work with minimal supervision in a virtual work environment
    • Able to deal positively with criticism, revisions, etc.
  • Must be creative, able to develop big ideas and create content that delivers value to readers
  • Demonstrated ability to write to a mass market on spiritual topics (4th – 8th grade level on Flesch-Kincaid)
  • Committed to the Seventh-day Adventist organization and beliefs
  • Must support the writings of Ellen G. White

Preference Given To:

  • Experienced/trained content marketers
  • Published writers


  • Virtual organization. Work from your location
  • Reports to Content Team Manager, Deputy Director


  • $20/hr
  • Hours: minimum 128/month, maximum 160/month

Start Date

  • September 3, 2018

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