Job Opportunities

The title of this page says “Job Opportunities,” but these are not just “jobs,” they’re an opportunity to work as digital missionaries, digital evangelists, and pioneers in God’s work.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with God….if you’re looking for a truly unique project sharing the Gospel with the world (233 countries so far)….if you’re looking for a way to use your passion for digital marketing to make a real difference in people’s lives….

This may be the position you’re looking for!

Who Is COE?

If you want the full story, read about us here.

COE mission is to share the Gospel with a massive, untapped mission field–people who use search engines to ask spiritual questions.

We create high-performance content designed to rank for specific spiritual-topic keywords in search engines.

This is not “interruption marketing”–we’re answering the questions people are asking, at the point when they most want the answers.

Our projects have reached a combined 233 countries, but we still have a lot of opportunity for growth ahead of us.

Our team is like a family, even though we’re scattered around the globe. We work remotely, but are bound together by our passion for digital ministry.

Our culture is based on a safe, flexible, trusting work environment. We place a high value on respecting each individual, regardless of job title or length of service. We also do our best to meet the unique needs of our individual team members. In return, we want your best work.

There are no job opportunities at this time.