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Our team of professionals is actively developing websites, content, campaigns and other sharable online media—all to help answer common questions about the Adventist Church and provide seekers with helpful information that speak to their lives and lead them toward visiting a church or requesting Bible studies.

We are also hard at work keeping current with online marketing best practices, so we can keep schools, churches, and ministries up to date with the best tools, methods and guidelines for their own ministry efforts.

It’s a big mission field, and we’re facing real “giants” that are also working round the clock to publish their own versions of truth or spirituality. Fortunately, with God’s guidance, Caleb and Joshua weren’t afraid of giants and neither are we.

You can help us work faster!

With each donation we are able to dedicate more of our time to Project Caleb missionary projects.

To sustain our organization, we also take on commercial clients. This enables us to operate full-time, no matter what, while also helping us keep up with the ever-changing field of digital marketing.

With each donation received, however, we can devote time specifically to Project Caleb websites, workshops, training, and content creation. Your gifts allow us to work faster and more efficiently in reaching the online mission field!

Thank you so much for your support. Use the button below to make an instant, one-time donation.

If you’d like to support Project Caleb regularly through recurring donations, please contact us at (541) 236-4960.

Our Methods Work But the Need is Greater Than We Realized

We have launched a major drive to improve the quality, usability, and visibility of local SDA church and school websites throughout the North American Division.

We provide several levels of free professional assistance to churches and schools who lack the resources to develop or maintain an effective, visible seeker-oriented website.

One of the most common questions we get is “How can you do all of this for free?”

The answer is, of course, we can’t. It often takes between 40–60 man-hours to complete the work on a single web site. If we charged market rates for this service, it would easily add up to several thousand dollars per site.

Even though we have a robust volunteer training program, we still have to spend money to get the job done. We’ve just chosen to not pass those costs on to our “clients.”

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