You  Can Help us Reach the Online Mission Field!

This mission field—the largest in the world—desperately needs Jesus.

It’s amazing what your gifts can do!

The research is in. People are Googling their questions about God, Jesus, salvation, death, church, healthy living, recovering from grief, private schools…all topics that could be directly answered by Adventist content. They’re also asking questions about Seventh-day Adventists and Ellen White.

But Adventist content isn’t showing up in these searches! These seekers end up consuming content that likely does not lead them toward a saving relationship with Jesus Christ…

…or to a local church family,

…or to an online Bible study.

This is a huge missed opportunity.

But there is something we as a church can do!

A concerted effort in online marketing and search engine optimization can be a surefire way to increase our numbers, to reach more, to serve more, to take the Gospel message to “every nation and tribe and tongue and people.”

That’s why the Center of Online Evangelism formed. We love our church, and we want to help reach the millions of people around the world that are actively searching for hope, for help, for answers.

To cover our administrative overhead, we also operate a commercial digital marketing agency. The income from our commercial clients maintains our team, while also keeping us current in this ever-changing industry.

This means your donations to the Center for Online Evangelism go directly to online mission work—not toward anyone’s salary.

In order to “buy” our time from our commercial work over to our mission work, we rely on fundraising. Gifts are applied directly to:

  • Project Caleb websites (Q&A, topical)
  • Online Missionary workshops
  • Content creation and optimization for existing denominational sites (Find out more!)
  • Development and upkeep of free resources for churches, schools and ministries.

And these types of projects require continual effort and upkeep. That’s why we need your help!

The more funds we raise, the more of our work hours we can transfer over to our Project Caleb mission work.

This is a mission field of billions, and we’re up against “giants” that are also working round the clock to publish their own versions of truth or spirituality.

Fortunately, with God’s guidance, Caleb and Joshua weren’t afraid of giants and neither are we.

You can help us do more! You can help us work faster, on a broader scale.

Imagine if we could do this online mission work full time!

We are so grateful for your support. Use the button below to make an instant, one-time, tax-deductible donation.

If you’d like to support Project Caleb regularly through recurring donations, please contact us at (541) 236-4960.


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 Thank you for your generosity!

How you can reach us:

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