Our Current Projects

Here are the different ways the Center for Online Evangelism is reaching out to the multitude of seekers in the online mission field.


Countless seekers have questions specifically about Adventists and our unique beliefs. By analyzing data provided by search engines, we can find out exactly what those questions are. Then we can use that information to develop content that answers those questions and addresses people’s spiritual needs.

AskAnAdventistFriend.com covers a variety of subjects such as our fundamental beliefs, what it means to be a prophet, how Jesus is our Savior, and that He is returning soon.

In each page we publish, we also encourage readers to begin Bible studies and direct them toward established Adventist resources.


Have you ever Googled “Adventists” and been surprised or saddened by what showed up in the search results?

Unfortunately, there is much misinformation circulating about our denomination.

However, we can mitigate this situation by producing, optimizing, and promoting content that is accurate, high-quality, and helpful. Rather than engaging with the inaccurate or derogatory content, we can “overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21) and appear more prominently in Google’s search engine results pages.


Online missionaries are needed in every part of the world. Our Digital Evangelism Project (DEP) works with Adventists in underserved and vulnerable areas with a two-fold goal: Training people to share their faith through online evangelism, and also teaching them valuable career skills that prepare them for modern jobs, which allows them to provide for their families.