The Center for Online Evangelism Team

Meet the COE Team

Seventh-day adventists dedicated to the online mission field.

Our dedicated workers are each Seventh-day Adventist professionals that have demonstrated expertise in their respective industries. They have chosen to devote a sizable part of their commercial careers to the Center for Online Evangelism in order to help spread the Gospel to the online mission field.

David Sharpe

Deputy director

In 1995, David left his job with a mail-order house and started building websites for clients. He has been involved in online marketing ever since. Always on the cutting edge, David enjoys being part of an organization that is a pioneer in online ministry. He also enjoys the fact that this work-from-home job allows him to see his family throughout the day. He leads the team in creating content that will make businesses and ministries stand out, and it’s his love of teaching, training, and mentoring that keeps the team running smoothly.

Tina Gennette


Having worked in the digital industry for more than 25 years, Tina takes data management to another level. She loves providing her colleagues with resources and information to do their jobs better. Her strengths include project tracking, communication, research, accounting, and the use of multiple software and technology platforms.


Brenda Francis


Brenda works from her home office in South Dakota where she’s surrounded by the natural beauty of God’s creation. She has a degree in organizational management with more than 20 years of experience as an administrative assistant. Whether assisting employees or pursuing her passion in the area of health, Brenda wants to see people enjoy life to the fullest.

Arnaldo Oliveira

Project Manager and Admin Consultant

Certified in financial management, Arnaldo keeps the team on track and helps push projects forward. He is passionate about innovative solutions to make life in the workplace easier.

Stephen Lee


Specializing in marketing and brand development, Stephen thrives on helping businesses and ministries shine. His skills include project management, strategic planning, graphic design, branding, and leadership. His greatest desire is to make the gospel go viral in the 21st century.

Kimberlei Wagner


Kim focuses on SEO strategy. Ever since starting in the SEO industry in 2013, she has loved the challenge of getting websites to rank in the top internet search results. She also excels in leading the SEO team and training new employees and interns that work in this area. In meetings with Kim, it’s likely that one of her kiddos will pop by to say hi to the team, and she appreciates this perk of working from home—no matter how chaotic it can be. Remember, she loves a good challenge.

Stephanie Bergsma

SEO Strategist

Specializing in internal linking, content review, and keyword research, Stephanie is all about creating a positive user experience. Whether optimizing websites or caring for her family, she’s on a mission to spread Bible truth.

Jeannette Owens

SEO Strategist

In 2019, Jeannette discovered Bible truth through an online search. Now, her passion is to create user-centered websites that help others find the gospel, too. She specializes in developing and analyzing web content, and as an outdoor enthusiast, Jeannette loves that COE has allowed her to ditch cubicle life and work on her laptop outside.

Kathleen Aguilar

Kathleen Aguilar

SEO Strategist

Kathleen takes pride in making sure website content and data have a logical flow and structure. In the ever-changing field, she particularly enjoys the way the job challenges her and pushes her to learn daily. Kathleen also loves that her job gives her the flexibility to work full time and homeschool her boys.

Joseph Zachariah Gaurav


Supporting the team from Abu Dhabi, Joseph is a graduate in the field of electronics and telecommunications engineering. With his critical thinking skills and attention to detail, he enjoys sharpening web content and connecting it with relevant links. Since joining the virtual team at COE, he loves the flextime and enjoys a happier, healthier work life.

Wendy Cacka


Wendy holds a bachelor’s in computer science and has been working in the industry since 2001. An introvert by nature, she enjoys impacting people’s lives through the professional websites she develops. She appreciates the flexibility during workdays because it means she can devote more time to family adventures when she’s out of the office

Rock Kai

Rwanda Student Coordinator

A skilled leader and problem solver, Rock works with the students enrolled in COE’s Digital Evangelism Project. From his computer in Nairobi, Kenya, he is passionate about connecting with the students on both a professional and personal level.

Amy Prindle


Even as a child, Amy was a wordsmith, mentally rewording signs, headlines, and advertisements. Now, having worked as a writing and editing professional since 2010, she uses that gift to make sure each word, sentence, and paragraph of an article accomplishes its purpose. She leads a team in creating and finalizing content.

Hannah Robinson

Writing Team Supervisor

Hannah joined the team fresh out of college with a bachelor’s in English professional writing. With her love for writing and people, Hannah found her niche as the supervisor of COE’s writers. She enjoys working with this worldwide team and has taken it upon herself to maintain an exciting and collaborative virtual workplace environment.

Lauren McKinny

Content Marketer

Lauren has a master’s in English from Claremont Graduate University. She has helped other writers with critical thinking and analysis for 8+ years. With skills in critical thinking, copyediting, research, and content creation, she enjoys making Bible topics accessible and unforgettable.


Joy Inyele

Content Writer

The truths of the Bible transformed Joy’s life. Now, with a bachelor’s in Christian publications management, she can’t help but share those truths through her keyboard. Based out of Kenya, Joy loves that her job as a writer and editor gives her the freedom to travel and explore the world.

Sabrina Petersen

Sabrina Petersen

Content Writer

Sabrina believes that words do more than give information; they convey stories and stir hearts. Thus, she uses her degree in Bible Instruction to incorporate story-branding elements into her writing. Her background as a Bible teacher and a missionary in Asia gives her unique insight into creating life-changing content.

Akshaya Fernandez

Cheyenne Wilson

Content Writer

Cheyenne delights in crafting pieces with precision, creativity, and reader awareness. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in English professional writing from Southern Adventist University and is passionate about storytelling. Cheyenne wants to help people see the Bible as God intended it—a true story designed to bring humanity closer to Him.


Kelly Sandel


Kelly is fascinated by how a phrase—or even a few words—can alter a whole piece of writing. That’s why she’s excited to use her bachelor’s degree in English to present the gospel with a creative, motivating approach. She loves that her position at COE allows her to do this while also giving her the flexibility to spend time in her favorite place—her enormous garden.

Nicole Park


With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Nichole is excited to use her skills to market the most important thing; the gospel. She is a true extrovert and enjoys coming up with new and creative ideas to lead others to Christ. Her biggest asset is her passion and enthusiasm that can be felt by all. 

Bob Dale


Bob spent more than 20 years in public policy and advocacy, and writing was an important part of that work. But since 2014, he’s been using his writing and editing skills to attract online seekers to Christ. Bob enjoys sharing ideas that others may not have thought too much about—especially when it comes to influencing someone’s decision to follow Jesus.

John Huynh