The spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 is disrupting normalcy

In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, the public is being advised to avoid large gatherings and exercise the utmost caution to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Since the outbreak, the disease has claimed the lives of over 4,000 individuals worldwide and the number of those infected is climbing here in the United States and across Europe. 

Many church and conference events have been canceled. Sporting events and conventions are being suspended or postponed. Universities and schools are either closed or transitioned to online education for the remainder of the semester. 

Businesses, travel plans, healthcare sectors, and communities of faith are tremendously affected by the efforts to slow down this spread of the disease. 

As expected, there are concerns over how to maintain a sense of normalcy and community while aiming to comply with safety regulations.

Importance of the Church Community during this Outbreak

The church plays a vital role in maintaining peace and faith in trying times. Members find comfort in the presence of other believers and lift up each other through the Word.

Now, it may seem as though we are at risk of losing this sense of community and connection.

Creating an Online Space for Churches

An online space for a church is a common digital center where members of the congregation and visitors can engage with each other, watch or listen to sermons, stay informed, and find content to meet their needs and build up their faith.

By creating virtual spaces for your church, members can be assured they have not lost their community of faith and can continue to strengthen each other.

Establishing a digital presence can happen in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  1. Streaming your services through Facebook, YouTube, or other video platforms

  2. Building your social media presence 

  3. Starting online small groups

  4. Creating Facebook groups

  5. Launching podcasts and blogs

  6. Producing relevant content

  7. Improving your church/ministry website

What is the Center for Online Evangelism Doing to Help?

Our aim at the Center for Online Evangelism is to keep you connected to your church family during this turbulent time. 

We compiled helpful resources to enable you to keep your church together by transitioning to online spaces.

We will also be working with other conferences, divisions, and ministries to provide online training to church leaders who need guidance in setting up their online presence.

These methods are designed to provide a temporary alternative to traditional church gatherings until COVID-19 is no longer a threat.


COE is open to hosting webinars for church boards and conferences who need guidance during the online transition. Schedule a webinar here:


Here are 6 resources to help your church transition online:

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6 Ways to Repurpose Your Sermon for Online Use

Start a YouTube channel for Your Church

How to Use WhatsApp for Evangelism

Other Resources

North American Division Social Media and Big Data Department

Digital Disciples Ministry Australia

Digital Missionary Academy

Be at Peace

We understand that this outbreak may evoke a sense of fear and anxiety. But, we can take comfort in the sovereignty of Jesus. He promised in Psalms 46 and 91 to protect us though the heavens fall.

Pray for the families of the victims and for those who are battling this disease. Pray that hearts would turn to Christ and that the church will play an active role in healing communities when this has passed.

Exercise care by taking precautionary measures to protect your health and that of your family, friends, and the wider community. 

Connect with us

COE will have an open line of communication on our Facebook page. If you have questions and need help in establishing your online presence, connect with us here.