Your Google Map Listing: They’re already looking for you…

Here’s how to help them find you!

When we want to figure out where to go, chances are you go to your phone. You search for restaurants, barber shops, hair salons, gas stations… even churches and schools. Especially if you’re traveling or new to an area, you and many, many others rely on map apps such as Google, Apple, Bing, Mapquest and more.

To appear prominently on map apps for related keywords, and to show up with accurate, complete information, your organization must “claim” or create a map listing. Not doing so comes with both risks and significant missed opportunities.

The Center’s SEO 101: Lesson 5 will guide you through the process of claiming or creating your Google Maps listings through Google My Business, the most widely-used map and business directory. You’ll also be introduced to the setup for Apple, Bing and Mapquest.

Download Lesson 5 below, and as always, if you have questions, contact We love to hear from you!

(Catch up on Lessons 1-4 here!)

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