Your readership might be on their desktop or laptop computers, on their tablet, or on their phones.

They might be in research mode, looking for every last drop of information.

They may be in a hurry, just glancing at their emails while they sit anxiously in a waiting room.

They might be skimming through their daily messages, scanning for anything that catches their attention or matches their needs for the day.

So how do we “catch” all these readers?

Renown communication guru Anne Wylie, recommends a slight modification of Clay Schoenfeld’s 30-3-30 rule. Basically, including different elements within your copy that satisfy each type of reader can make for an engaging, informative piece.

  • Attention-grabbing headlines and subheads (remember to think about the needs of the readers!)
  • Data to back up any conclusions you draw (whether citing a source or providing a good example story)
  • Infographic, when possible. (Great for anything multifaceted, illustrating a process, demonstrating cause and effect, or when you just need a picture to get the point across!)