Word-ly Wisdom: Strategically Simplifying your everyday writing

No matter where your writing appears—websites, emails, blog posts, etc.—the goal is to compel the reader that THIS matters to them, and here’s why. Then you follow up with what they can do next, now that they’re armed with this new information.

You already know your writing is important. Your words represent your ministry’s brand, purpose, and personality. Your words can make the difference between someone reading your post or passing it by, or subscribing to your list or leaving the page before getting to the sign-up form.

But sometimes it’s hard enough just to get your passions onto paper (or screen). Especially when you already wear several hats and you’re just trying to get things done.

Fear not—there are some easy ways to supercharge your writing. This isn’t a call to get carried away with word choice and triple your writing time. And this doesn’t mean using “bigger words” or more elevated, academic language when you write.

Above all, the focus is specificity. Clarity. Directness. Getting to the point.

Here are some of our favorite articles in our “swipe files” on the subject of word-ly impact. The answer can be as simple as avoiding certain “clutter” words, thinking about your message in a new light, or asking the right questions about your writing goal.

  1. Make your message stronger, more direct and more vivid just by eliminating these words from your writing. – “Five Weak Words that Make Your Writing Less Effective” by Jeff Goins
  2. Struggling to find the right description? It helps to have these “Power Words” handy as a reference. – 595 Power Words that’ll Instantly make You a Better Writer” by Jon Morrow
  3. Even the best writers need to read this article every now and then. ALWAYS a helpful reminder to think like the reader in exactly the ways outlined here. – “4 Reasons People Stop Reading Before the End of a Page” by Nick Usborne
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Resource for Online Missionaries

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