Resources for Bible Studies

Try your own Slack channel or Discord server for live discussions. These chat networking platforms are like having email, texting and instant messaging all in one. You can set up your own private “channel” for communication within your designated group. Share pictures, music, and other types of files easily, which can be ideal for many Bible studies or Sabbath schools. It’s also easier to keep track of these files and attachments and you can “mention” people using “@” to draw attention to a particular post. You can also have multiple discussions, or threads, happening at the same time. 

WhatsApp, a free, secure messaging app, can be used in many ways. Several evangelists have found ways to conduct church, Bible studies and more using this simple app. Read more here:

Zoom video conferencing can provide a private “room” to meet together for presentations or discussions. Many churches are using this for board meetings and even prayer meetings. This can be ideal for Bible studies or small Sabbath schools too, since the meeting host can run the meeting like a webinar with participants in listen-only mode, and then settings can be adjusted to open up for discussion. Participants can raise their hand or share their screen if they wish to contrinute to the discussion. Hosts can show PowerPoint presentations and even use Zoom to do live annotations. 

Learn how to set up Zoom and how to prevent “Zoomboming.”

Facebook Live can be used for interactive broadcasts live from your Facebook page.

Start a new Bible study group using these recommended tools: 7 Tips for Starting Online Bible Studies

Steps to Christ and Messiah’s Mansion Bible Studies curriculums for download.

Voice of Prophecy’s Discover Bible School is often used for new believers. Voice of Prophecy has many online resources for continuing your Bible-working efforts even while we’re confined to our homes.


These pages are continually updated. Keep checking back!

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