As an online missionary writer, you want your writing to reach the hearts of your readers and compel them to know Jesus Christ better. Practice these writing tips if you want more people to read your content to the end.

1. Keep it short and simple.

The online audience is consuming a million and one things at once. If your article title captures their attention but the article itself stretches from the Red Sea to Orion, the reader might hit the back button quickly. This doesn’t automatically mean that you should only write short articles. But if your piece has a lot of details, remember to:

  • Section your article and use headings.
  • Get rid of the fluff and unnecessary words.
  • Write another article if your first piece is lengthy.
  • Avoid using words and phrases your audience won’t understand.

2. Write for scanners/skimmers

Studies show that most online readers do not read to the end of the article. We skim through and pull out the important or interesting points and quickly move on to something else.

So, what can you do to help your fellow skimmers?

  • Use bullet points.
  • Apply bold or italics for key points and emphasis.
  • Include sidebars.
  • Use keywords throughout your article and headlines.

If you’re like me, you use a lot of words to write descriptively and may find it difficult to write in this way. But we need to learn to write to reach our audience.

Even the Bible is structured in a way to help us consume the word in bite-sized pieces. Inspired writers used stories and poems to convey their points. The Bible, therefore, gives us an example of how we should write.

3. Don’t attack your readers

Your content must always point back to the love of Jesus Christ. Use your platform to lift Him up. Don’t use hateful or demeaning language in your article. Use the Gospel as a light, not a lethal laser. When a reader comes to your blog, he or she is not expecting to be attacked. Keep the following in mind:

– Your reader might not be a Christian. – Your reader has feelings. – Your reader has struggles

Let your words add life and wisdom. Your aim as a missionary writer is to shine a light, not to convict someone – only the Holy Spirit can do that.

4. Always edit your work.

Dont take it for granted that you caught all of the mistakes. After a while, your brain will “autocorrect” errors in your work. Ask a friend or relative to read your work. Ask them:

– Does this contain errors? – Was it interesting? – Would you share this on social media?

Make adjustments based on their feedback. (Did you see any typos so far?)

5. Do research and fact check your work.

When putting content up online, ensure that the information is credible. If not, you will break the trust of your readers. Ensure that the Scripture you quote is used in its proper context and not made to say something that it does not actually say.

Consider other perspectives on topics and try to address them if possible. By gathering knowledge before you write, you add weight to your work.

6. Keep your audience in mind.

Who are you writing for? Adventists? Other faith groups? Millennials, teens, or seniors? Agnostics or atheists?

This question is important because it will help you craft your content. The way you write will be different depending on your audience. You can’t write “for everybody.” It’s like getting into a car to deliver something and saying that your destination is “everywhere.” Inevitably, you’ll go nowhere.

We see this concept throughout the Bible. The authors considered their audience and wrote accordingly.

Missionary writers must use their skills effectively. Remember, you will be competing with other online distractions. Despite the challenges, the Holy Spirit promises His help.

What other tips could missionary writers put into practice? Continue the conversation by sharing and commenting on this post.

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