What can you do with your messaging this Christmas that’s not already been done?

How can you keep your audience engaged during a time of ultimate distraction?

….All when you are way too busy yourself?

Instead of creating all new content at the last minute, try one of these 6 ideas:

  1. Greatest Hits. Highlight your most popular content to give your audience a nice recap of what they’ve enjoyed from you over the past year. Include a few bits about how each selected letter, post, email, event, article, poem, etc., had an impact and what it meant to your organization.
  2. News recap. In addition to showing how far you’ve come this year, recap related industry news items that affected your organization or your audience.
  3. Connect to iconic holiday themes. What does your organization do that you can parallel with a Christmas sentiment, story, symbol, or tradition? Adobe capitalized on gift-giving time to write a post like this. Maybe you can connect an element from the Christmas story in the gospels to why you do what you do. See what you can whip up that has to do with stars, shepherds, trees, babies, singing, fruitcakes… whatever works!
  4. Sneak peek. While Christmastime is often a chance for reflection, you can also start looking ahead to what you’ll be debuting in the new year. Get people excited! Create a fun video that leaves off with a cliffhanger, or briefly state the current goals of your ministry and how they relate to your audience.
  5. Show your human side. No need to create a new masterpiece content item when your audience’s attention is divided. Snap a pic from your holiday party, wearing ugly sweaters or sipping hot chocolate. Share a short video of your team doing your annual holiday volunteer work. Show your audience that you’re in this for relationships, and for doing the most good.  
  6. Show them they’re valued! Take a break from persuasive content—sometimes, all a person needs to know is that they’ve valued. Let your email list know that you wouldn’t be there without them, and that you truly wish them a Merry Christmas. Find a holiday template, card or picture that communicates your gratitude for your audience.

Wishing you Merry pre-Christmas preparations!


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