Drive traffic to your church website by meeting the needs of your visitors

1. Provide Online Bible Studies

When you think about Bible studies, what picture comes to mind? For me, I used to imagine sitting in a circle with other attendees, Bibles opened in one hand and a pen in another, while balancing a notepad on your knee and quickly scribbling down everything a Bible instructor is saying. While some Bible study sessions might look like this, that picture is very different as the Digital Age rolls on.

You can use your church website to host a study with people from all over the globe! You have quite a few options.

2. Host a podcast on relevant issues

Most church podcasts feature their sermons but why not take it a step further by creating a show for your church website visitors? What do I mean? People are always searching for podcasts that can teach them valuable information or that are related to their interests. What are the needs of the people at your church?

Bank on the needs of people online and create a podcast that provides answers. 


  1. Have members over age 50? Launch a podcast exploring retirement.
  2. Lots of young adults? Create a podcast on ADULTING 101.
  3. For kids? Record Bible stories for parents to play at bedtime.

Implementing ideas like this into your church’s podcast will have members and visitors alike clicking back for more.

3. Start a pastor’s blog

Sabbath morning doesn’t have to be the only time that your congregation hears from your pastor. Stretch the pulpit and let it reach your church website. If you think that it means uploading your pastor’s written sermon, I challenge you to look deeper.

What questions swirl in the minds of your members? Collect those questions and have your pastor write a blog post answering a question each week. With a creative pastor’s blog, it won’t be long until members and readers begin to think:

If you don’t know how to start a blog, learn how to do so in 3 easy steps.

4. Do more with videoContent Creator

Video does a great job driving traffic to a website – this includes church websites. Humans love stories. With a cellphone in hand to capture quality video and sound, record individuals sharing how they came to know Jesus Christ and how faith in God brings them through trying moments. Take it a step further. Target various professionals in your congregation and create video content based on their area of expertise. For example, if Mr. B is a psychologist, produce a short video series on mental health or if Sister C is a financial officer, film 1-minute money-management tips.

Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Jesus gave people a reason to follow Him. He met their needs and showed them the perfect image of the Father. A church website is a powerful tool to share the compassionate Savior. By applying best practices and stepping outside the box, you can transform your church website into a digital fishing net.

Continue the conversation. What are some other ways to use a church website to meet the needs of people online?