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The Digital Missions Podcast, hosted by Felecia Datus, is here to support you as an online missionary. Enjoy stories from the front lines from other online missionaries, and learn some tips along the way to bolster your own efforts. New episodes each week!

We’re having a great time getting to know you and diving into your stories. If you’d like to participate in the Digital Missions podcast, apply here.

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Creating a Culture of Digital Discipleship in Your Church

In this episode, we sit down with Jamie Domm from the North American Division to discuss how a church can create a culture of digital discipleship.

How should a Church or Ministry Respond to Feedback Online

Jamie Domm from the North American Division Big Data department discusses with me what to do when a church or ministry receives feedback online.

What is Digital Marketing and how is it relevant to your ministry? Part 1

This week, we're talking with Akande Davis from Digital Pew. Have you ever been confused when you hear about "digital marketing" and "search engine optimization"? You're not alone. In Part 1 of our talk with Akande, we're discussing the basics of digital marketing.

How to Improve Your Church's Facebook Livestream

It's so easy to go live on Facebook - but does that mean we shouldn't put an effort into having a quality video? Find out how you can improve your church's Facebook livestream as we talk to Akande Davis from Digital Pew.

Everything You Need to Know about Text Evangelism

Imagine using text to bring your church members together, stay in touch with visitors, and initiating Bible study. Jason Alexis, digital disciple, church communication director, and co-founder of Pastor's Line tells his experience with text evangelism and how it can impact your ministry.

Everything You Need to Know about Text Evangelism part 2

Texting is one method to stay in touch with friends and family. But there are particular ways that your church can put this method to use in order to stay in touch with church visitors and start life-changing Bible studies. Catch the conversation with Jason Alexis, co-founder of Pastor's Line.

Amazing Facts & Social Media: Making It Work

Likes and Followers: These seem to be the online currency of our day. It appears that the more likes and followers you amass, the more power you have. But online evangelism through social media is measured in more than likes and followers. We're talking with Santiago Nunez from Amazing Facts to find out how social media is taking the Gospel to the world.

What Can we Learn from Amazing Facts' Social Media Strategy?

Santiago Nunez, the Social Media Strategist for Amazing Facts is back to share methods that help the ministry find success online.

Starting a YouTube Ministry

YouTube continues to be among the top three most popular site on the internet. The masses gather to watch billions of hours of YouTube videos. So why aren't more missionaries using this platform? We're talking with That Christian Vlogger Justin Khoe about starting a YouTube ministry.

Starting a YouTube Ministry Pt 2

YouTube continues to be among the top three most popular sites on the internet. The masses gather to watch billions of hours of videos on YouTube, so why aren't more missionaries using this platform? We're talking with Justin Khoe about starting a YouTube ministry: the challenges and the victories.

Practical Ways to Incorporate Digital Marketing in Your Ministry

Online evangelism goes a mile further than just having a website. Learn practical ways to implement the strategies and grow your presence online. Brandon Mascarenas from The Advent Agency shares lots of great info with us.

How to Start a Podcast for Your Ministry

Almost half of the US population has listened to a podcast. With subscriptions going up every year, having a podcast might be an effective tool for growing your ministry. Brandon Mascarenas from the Advent Agency shares how to start a podcast and why it may be a good step for your church.

Online Evangelism for Pastors

As a pastor, you know the value of reaching as many souls as possible for Christ. The digital age now allows you to shepherd souls online. But this idea may be intimidating. Stephen Carlile walks pastors through the basics of creating a digital version of ministry.

Using Storytelling for Online Evangelism

Do you know the stories of those who identify as Seventh-day Adventists? Kaleb Eisele wanted to know, so he set out to provide a digital space where Adventists can share their stories. Online Evangelism has many aspects and storytelling is one of them. In this podcast, we learn how this digital disciple manages online ministry and deals with the challenges.

How Graphic Design Impacts Evangelism Pt 1

Graphic and web designer freelancer Aleksander Popovski shares how efforts to share the Gospel online are impacted by the work of graphic designers. Listen to this podcast to learn how you need to work with graphic designers. Also, learn a few tricks on how you can improve your graphic design skills.

How Graphic Design Impacts Evangelism Pt 2

Aleksander Popovski, a graphic and web designer is back to share why online ministries need quality design. Is it better to pinch pennies with design work or is the cost worth it?

Online Evangelism On Demand

Dee Casper, a brand evangelist for ARTV shares how an Adventist channel online can impact the sharing of the Gospel. We also discuss how you can get directly involved in online evangelism.

How to Start a Church Using WhatsApp pt1

Neville Neveling walks us through what inspired him to launch cell phone evangelism. Check out his story and stay tuned for the remaining episodes in this series.

How to Start a Church Using WhatsApp pt2

Neville Neveling shares the second part of his journey into how he started a church using WhatsApp. Find out how you can use this tool for evangelism here.

Cell Phone Evangelism (Part 1)

This is the third episode in the series of how to start a church using a cell phone. Neville Neveling is now sharing the practical steps for you to plant your own digital church.

Cell Phone Evangelism (Part 2)

This is the last episode in a 4-part series exploring how to use your cell phone to do evangelism and even start a church. Neville Neveling is back to share how he's answering God's call to digital evangelism.

How Video Devotionals Help Share the Word Online

Kenisha Simms realized that her time in social media could be used to share something priceless - The Word of God. Equipped with a smartphone, she began producing 1-minute videos to inspire people. On this episode, we're exploring how her ministry started and God continues to expand the work.

Why You Should Attend the GAiN Conference

Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) is a conference designed to foster the use of technology, media, and the internet to help the mission of the Adventist Church. Brent Hardinge, assistant communication director of the General Conference, is on the podcast to talk about how GAiN is making a difference.

Guidelines for Churches Using WhatsApp

With over 1 billion daily users, WhatsApp no doubt is a great tool that could be used to share the Gospel. However, when not used properly, rifts can happen. Damian Chambers, Communication Director for the Central Jamaica Conference shares useful guidelines to help churches use the app more effectively. Read more here.

Digital Disciples and Dragon Masters

We want to reach more people online with the Gospel...but don't forget the kids! According to Kids Matter, "37% of 8 to 9-year-olds and 51% of 10 to 11-year-olds accessed the internet via a handheld device." Litiana Turner and her team at the South Pacific Division Children's Ministries Department share what they are doing to reach children online. Find out more at

Starting a Podcast: The Story of Aus Table Talk

Podcasting is one way the Holy Spirit can use you for mission. But do you have doubts about starting a podcast? If so, this episode will encourage you. Luke Farrugia from Aus Table Talk shares his experience and gives practical tips on starting a ministry through podcasting. PS. The sound quality for the host isn't the best on this episode. We're sorry for the inconvenience and worked hard to get things right again for the next episode.

3 Effective Tips to Grow Your Ministry on Facebook

Can someone who works in aviation, with no formal training in media and communication change the lives of thousands through digital evangelism? That's Matthew Gray's story. He's the Media Director for Hope Lives 365 with Mark and Teenie Finely. On today's podcast, he shares his incredible journey to being a part of digital missions. He also gives practical tips to help you improve your online presence.

How to Deal with Negative Comments Online

Have you ever witnessed church members being mean to each online in the comments section? Have you ever been the target of unkind words online? Are you afraid of starting an online ministry because of online negativity? Then you'll enjoy this episode! We're talking with Emily Mastrapa, Digital Producer at the General Conference. She worked in the social media department for two years and shares what she has learned over the years. To find out more about this topic, read "5 Ways to Win Online Arguments."

What Makes a Successful YouTube Ministry (part 1)

This is a special episode where we interview the president of Hope Through Prophecy, Dustin Pestlin. Hope Through Prophecy is a thriving YouTube ministry that uses Bible prophecy to give online seekers hope in Jesus Christ. Tune in to find out the principles you can use to grow a ministry on YouTube that will point people to Jesus Christ.

How to Grow Your YouTube Ministry (pt 2)

30 million people visit YouTube every day. In part 2 of his interview, Dustin Pestlin, president of Hope Through Prophecy shares how you can be directly involved in soul-winning on YouTube.

Crisis Communication: What You Need to Know

If you run a ministry that has some form of online presence, you need to be prepared on how to work through a crisis. Celeste Ryan-Blyden talks with us about how online tools have changed the way we handle crises. Read the Crisis Management Guide here.

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