Stories, Lessons and Inspiration from the Virtual Trenches

The Digital Missions Podcast, hosted by Felecia Datus, is here to support you as an online missionary. Enjoy stories from the front lines from other online missionaries, and learn some tips along the way to bolster your own efforts. New episodes each week!

We’re having a great time getting to know you and diving into your stories. If you’d like to participate in the Digital Missions podcast, apply here.


Creating a Culture of Digital Discipleship in Your Church

In this episode, we sit down with Jamie Domm from the North American Division to discuss how a church can create a culture of digital discipleship.

How should a Church or Ministry Respond to Feedback Online

Jamie Domm from the North American Division Big Data department discusses with me what to do when a church or ministry receives feedback online.

What is Digital Marketing and how is it relevant to your ministry? Part 1

This week, we're talking with Akande Davis from Digital Pew. Have you ever been confused when you hear about "digital marketing" and "search engine optimization"? You're not alone. In Part 1 of our talk with Akande, we're discussing the basics of digital marketing.

How to Improve Your Church's Facebook Livestream

It's so easy to go live on Facebook - but does that mean we shouldn't put an effort into having a quality video? Find out how you can improve your church's Facebook livestream as we talk to Akande Davis from Digital Pew.

Everything You Need to Know about Text Evangelism

Imagine using text to bring your church members together, stay in touch with visitors, and initiating Bible study. Jason Alexis, digital disciple, church communication director, and co-founder of Pastor's Line tells his experience with text evangelism and how it can impact your ministry.

Everything You Need to Know about Text Evangelism part 2

Texting is one method to stay in touch with friends and family. But there are particular ways that your church can put this method to use in order to stay in touch with church visitors and start life-changing Bible studies. Catch the conversation with Jason Alexis, co-founder of Pastor's Line.

Amazing Facts & Social Media: Making It Work

Likes and Followers: These seem to be the online currency of our day. It appears that the more likes and followers you amass, the more power you have. But online evangelism through social media is measured in more than likes and followers. We're talking with Santiago Nunez from Amazing Facts to find out how social media is taking the Gospel to the world.

What Can we Learn from Amazing Facts' Social Media Strategy?

Santiago Nunez, the Social Media Strategist for Amazing Facts is back to share methods that help the ministry find success online.

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