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The Online Mission Field Awaits!

Millions of people—of all ages, around the world—are online, scrolling through messages and googling ideas and questions they’re afraid to ask anyone in person. Several thousand of them google the phrase “Bible study” each month! This is a ministry opportunity like no other.

Digital marketing for churches, schools, ministries.

No matter the size of your ministry, you can reach the online mission field in ways you never thought possible. Make connections with an audience that’s already looking for what you offer, all through effective digital marketing practices.

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Project Caleb

Internet searches for Adventism or Ellen White continue to bring up content that misrepresents our Church and its beliefs. This ministry initiative is solely focused on optimizing our denomination’s content to better position it in search results, while also creating focused, topical content that answers spiritual questions that are commonly asked online to “Pastor Google.”

This is a huge undertaking, but we can’t afford to miss the opportunity to reach the online mission field in such a monumental way.

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What is the Online Mission Field?

To effectively “go where the people are,” take note that the internet is the largest, fastest-growing mission field on earth. And each of our Church’s websites can be online mission stations, each positioned to reach their target audience. Just like a physical mission station, each online mission station focuses on connecting with the local culture, meeting their needs, and guiding them to Christ. It’s a mission opportunity like never before!

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Become an Online Missionary!

Even if you’re not able to travel, you can be a missionary right where you sit! There are countless opportunities for personal evangelism online. Many have started their own Christ-centered online communities, conducted Bible studies, created blogs, started podcasts…the list goes on! Take advantage of these chances to connect with the online mission field.

  Learn how to match your gifts to an online mission project.

About the Center for Online Evangelism

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to improve the online presence of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We aim to do this by empowering online missionaries with up-to-date industry knowledge of digital marketing, customized to their own ministry’s needs and emphases.

  Learn more about our history, our team, and the amazing opportunities in online evangelism!

Latest news in digital marketing

Make sure your ministry is making the most of the many opportunities online.

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How to Use Zoom

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Start a YouTube Ministry – Webinar and Guide

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What’s Happening? News from COE and Project Caleb
There’s always something new going on! Stay up to date with Project Caleb’s mission to outrank and discredit inaccurate online content about Adventists through a positive digital strategy. Get insider info on this initiative as well as tips to apply to your own ministries.

Pro Tips for Digital Marketing
If you work in communication, marketing, or even if you’ve just been saddled with the management of your home church’s website, get weekly tips on applying best practices in digital marketing. This industry-insider info can help you maximize your ministry’s reach and influence.

Online Missionary Resources
You can be a missionary without traveling anywhere! Learn more each week about the many opportunities to reach out to others online through social media, blogging, and other online tools, along with stories from active online missionaries.

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