People are Googling for God.

Each year there are millions of Google searches for answers to questions like:

“Is God real?”

“What happens when we die?”

“How do I know I’m saved?”

“Why is there so much suffering in the world?”

Additionally, many people are hurting, entertaining suicidal thoughts, or feel there is no hope for their situation. They turn to the internet for companionship, understanding, information, anonymity, and more. It’s easier for them to pour their hearts out on Google, Reddit or a topical forum than it is to come to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member.

This great need yields an opportunity for you to share the hope found in Christ.

No matter your skill set, interests, or socio-economic status, you can be a beacon for the hope only God can give. Being an online missionary simply means you dedicate time online to help people learn more about Jesus Christ and invite them to follow Him.

With the increase of social media platforms, websites, and the popularity of video sharing sites, there are countless types of media you can use to connect with someone, build a relationship, care for their needs, and point them to a saving relationship with the Lord.

There are so many ways to do this. It could simply be what you share on your Facebook page, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram feed…wherever you spend your time and have nurtured a circle of friends or followers. You can share articles, quotes, scripture, or begin discussions of your own. You can even use proven evangelistic strategies to lead others to Bible studies, whether at your local church, or online in a private Facebook group. The possibilities are as limitless as our God!

There are many online missionaries and digital disciples out there already. But as you know, the harvest is so plentiful that more workers are always needed.

Anyone who is a follower of Jesus is called to be a disciple and we were all given the commission to “go…and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19, NKJV). Now the nations are literally at our fingertips! We can ‘travel’ to Asia to tell someone of Jesus and at the same time share Bible truth with someone living on the West coast of the United States—while sitting at home, thousands of miles away from those we are interacting with.
These days, anything you can think of can be accessed online. Why not make Jesus more accessible?

If you are looking forward to the soon return of Christ and if you have access to the internet, you can be an online missionary.

Post it.  Text it.  Tweet it.  Pin It.  Share it.  Vlog it.

What is ‘It’? The Good News that Jesus died to save us from our sins and is coming soon to take us home!


Not sure how to start? The Center for Online Evangelism is dedicated to providing you with resources (below) to help you as an online missionary.
Our team of mission-minded professionals are also here to answer questions and guide you as you seek to use the internet to uplift our Savior. Find us on Facebook or drop us a line!

Bible Studies

Do you know someone online who wants to know more about Christ and His Word? With these online Bible study resources, dig into the world with someone miles away.

Digital Missions Podcast

Enjoy stories from the front lines from other online missionaries, and learn some tips along the way to bolster your own efforts. New episodes each week!

How to be Heard Online

Be Heard and Seen Online. With all the content online, it might seem difficult to share the Gospel. You might wonder how to effectively get your blog or podcast in front of the individuals who need to see it. Learn the steps you need to follow in order for more people...

6 Important Writing Tips for Online Missionary Bloggers

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Digital Evangelism is a very rewarding work that comes with real challenges. Many online missionaries can list the mistakes they made when launching their online ministry. By learning from their mistakes, you can learn how to grow your own ministry and serve more...

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Should Churches Consider Facebook Ads?

Now more than ever, Facebook ads are a highly effective method in getting your message in front of the people who already want to see it. (And it’s more affordable that most methods of advertising!)

5 Important Steps to Becoming an Online Missionary

  Every follower of Jesus Christ is called to be a missionary. For many of us, when we hear the term "missionary," we imagine traveling to a third-world country, living without the usual comforts of home, learning a tongue-curling language, and fighting an epic battle...

6 Creative Ways to use Facebook Live for Evangelism

"What are some ways an online missionary can use Facebook Live for evangelism purposes?" Facebook Live remains one of the most effective ways to draw an audience. One click gives you instant access to your friends' timelines. But how can you use such a powerful tool...

Checklist for Creating a Church Online Ministry

Who forms the Online Ministry Team? Team Leader Social media coordinator Web designer Photographer Graphic designer Video editor Audio editor Host (video and/or audio) What are my First Steps? Know the reason behind your online ministry (your WHY) Get your church...

Best Resources for Online Ministry Workers

  We asked digital disciples from around the world to share the tools they believe are vital to the growth of an online ministry. We received responses from Amazing Facts, the Social Media + Big Data dept. at the NAD, and members of the Digital Disciples Facebook...

Should Your Church be Livestreaming?

  Some time ago, I had a chat with two members of the Pioneer Memorial Media team on the campus of Andrews University. With hundreds of people tuning into their livestream each week on Facebook alone (countless others around the world on television), I wanted some...

Facebook’s under fire. What does that mean for us?

With the recent news about Facebook, user data, privacy, and favoring (or blocking) certain types of posts, how should that affect how “online missionaries” continue to share the Gospel in many different forms throughout this social media platform? Here’s what you need to know.

Why your church needs an online ministry—and how to start one

Years ago, I worked as an English language assistant in Northern France. The nearest Adventist church was an hour away and the second church was two hours away. With no car and little money for train tickets, I wasn’t able to attend church every Sabbath. I...

Should the digital age affect how we communicate the Gospel?

God is the only One who has not been changed or affected by the Digital Age. Everything else—from education, to marriage, to how we treat diseases—has been altered or influenced by the Digital Age, also known as the Information Age. Undeniably, even the way we consume...

One Thing Every Online Missionary Needs

Once you make up your mind to sow the Gospel, the enemy will find ways to discourage and distract you. One moment, you feel empowered – ready to conquer the digital world, and the next moment, you are overwhelmed. You feel small and wonder if it’s possible for God to...

How ‘Ultimate Cry’ Started

I came to the United States from my home country of Trinidad and Tobago in 2001. In 2005, I was introduced to the Adventist message. God worked through my friend to teach me about His love and I was baptized in 2007. In love with Jesus, I wanted to spread His word to...

Four Steps for Creating your Church’s Social Media Account

Undoubtedly, the internet has taken over the world. Because of this, many churches feel the need to be present online – especially on social media. But many venture into the world of social media when they’re not prepared. For instance, it’s become common to see a...

Can Anyone Be an Online Missionary?

Imagine a person who is unable to walk or hold anything in her hand participating in online evangelism. No matter what challenges you are facing, it’s still possible to do God's work. Sarah Coiner's story is proof of this. A year after her birth in 1976, Sarah's...

7 Evangelism No-Nos for Facebook (and Other Social Media Platforms)

We’ve been talking a lot about different ideas for using social media as a tool for evangelism. As more people are taking the opportunity to share Christ online, however, we’ve also picked up a few evangelism No-Nos. Here are 7 things to avoid on Facebook and other...

How to Organize a Digital Mission Trip for Your Church

You may be one of many who wanted to go on a traditional mission trip but felt hindered because of travel, time, or lack of financial resources. Now, with half the world’s population online, another branch of mission “trips” has been born: Digital Mission Projects....

Bible Study Resources

At some point in a conversation online, a question about religion, faith, or world events come up. One of the best ways to learn more about a topic is to study it with someone else. Developing a common curiosity and going on a quest for answers is not only exciting,...

7 tips for starting online Bible studies

Someone online just expressed interest in studying the Bible with you! Here’s how to make sure you’re prepared. Pray and study for yourself It’s nearly impossible to share something you don’t have. We are told to “study so you can present yourself to God and receive...

3 Time Management Tips for Online Missionaries

Want to be an online missionary, but time is a challenge for you? Try these tips to help you manage your time and be a more effective digital disciple: Set a specific time aside We’re familiar with the term “time is money.” We would do well to budget our time the way...

Choosing Your Online Mission Field

Rarely do missionaries choose where they will conduct mission work by closing their eyes and randomly letting their finger fall on a country on the map. Instead, missionaries who will be physically relocating take time to pray, discern their calling, and research...

What’s an Online Mission Station?

Like a physical mission station, an online mission station addresses the needs of its area. It operates within local language and culture as it gently establishes itself as a helpful presence. How do we make this happen online?

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