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Season Two of the Digital Missions Podcast is underway!

We’re interviewing:

  • graphic designers
  • video editors
  • SEO specialists
  • evangelists
  • pastors
  • bloggers
  • and many more digital disciples

These new episodes are designed to give practical tips on how to carry out evangelism online.

Season Two airs September 6! New episodes each week.


Mark your calendars for Let’s Go! It’s our Facebook Live Interview series that provides a visual component to our interviews. You also have the chance to join the conversation.

Stay tuned for the list of interviewees!

Archived Events

“Making a Global Impact with Online Evangelism”  [Archived]

Interview with Pastor Doug Batchelor, Speaker/Director of Amazing Facts Ministries (Interviewed June 7, 2018)

“One Guy Did This. You Can, Too” [Archived]

Interview with Justin Khoe, “That Christian Vlogger,” about getting started with online evangelism and how to keep it going.

“How Online Evangelism Changes Lives” [Archived]

Interview with Pastor Dwight Nelson of Pioneer Memorial Church (Interviewed April 3, 2018)


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