The Challenge

Tapping into the millions of active seekers in the online mission field requires one thing—you must play by Google’s rules.

To do this, you need good information. The rules can and do change often, and unless you’re an online marketing geek, you may not find out about the changes for several months (if ever). And trusting the wrong sources can kill your website. Many activities that the so-called gurus recommend can result in penalties that cause your website to effectively disappear from search engines.

It’s hard to reach people when they can’t even find you…

The Solution

Our team works with one foot in the online business world and one foot in the online evangelism world.

We consistently work with commercial clients who depend on their online presence for most of their revenue, so we have to get it right. And we bring that up-to-the-minute knowledge and experience to our ministry-based clients, ensuring that you are not using some shady marketing practice from 2014, but are abiding by Google’s current rules.

When your online activity is accessible and visible to seekers, you can effectively meet them where they are.

Digital Marketing Services for Churches, Schools and Ministries

Curated Latest News

Google’s rules can change by the day. What used to work in search engine optimization (SEO—getting your website or social media profiles to show prominently in search results) is not always today’s best practice. Subscribe to our online ministry blog to keep your ministry current, getting it in front of the eyes that need it most.

Also learn about new tips, tricks and tools as they debut.


Free Performance Audit

You may have already put a lot of work into your website and your online presence. Or maybe you want to make things more effective, but you’re not sure where to start.

The Center’s free Comprehensive Online Performance Audit will comb through your website and report any site errors, search engine issues, or content adjustments that may be needed. You can request your free audit any time.

Online Marketing Training

Even if you’re starting your online marketing efforts from scratch, we’ve got you covered. Learn the essentials for a stable, functional website, how to create and manage social media accounts, and several other foundational skills that help you reach the online mission field. Explore course tracks on SEO, content development, Google tools, blogging, social media influence, WordPress basics and AdventistChurchConnect tips.

Marketing Plan & Message Development

You’ve got a message to share, and there are already people out there searching for it. By honing your ministry message, analyzing the types of people that will best benefit from your services, and prayerfully creating an online presence around these central points, you will be able to reach more people than you ever thought possible! Today’s marketing best practices can pack a powerful punch to your mission.


The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

The Center can provide basic to extensive training in online marketing best practices as applied for evangelistic purposes. Whether you need a webinar, a speaker for an event, or courses to give your employees or volunteers, we’ve got you covered across several online marketing topics.


A fee will apply to most of these services.

How you can reach us:

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