Resources for Schools (Teachers, Students and Parents)

6 Ways Adventist Schools Can Leverage Livestreams to Increase Engagement 
Livestreaming isn’t just for church services or huge events. Learn what you can do to keep your community involved.

How Your Livestream Videos Can Be Reused and Stay Relevant  
Every video you have of past school programs, lectures, events, etc., don’t have to just sit in the archives afterward! Learn how to make your livestreamed events have lasting relevance with these repurposing and publishing options. download  
User-friendly video conferencing software. Many teachers are using it to connect with their students, hold class discussions and teach lessons. Can be used for one-on-one calls or group calls with a presenter. Use on your computer, phone or tablet.

Google Classroom
Post and receive classwork, and even facilitate class discussions online with Google’s popular education management platform.

TDEC/Adventist Education Resources Specifically for Home Learning  
The official Adventist Education website compiled recommended resources for both student and teacher while school campuses are closed. Free Educational Media
Find a wealth of vetted, curated resources for kids to keep learning even while schools are closed. Content is primarily geared toward elementary-aged kids, though there are several things older kids may enjoy as well, such as this Spaghetti Bridge Engineering Challenge as part of the Dyson Foundation’s Featured STEM Activities, and these free art lessons with Mo Willems where kids can learn techniques and then share their drawings (full episodes list here).


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