From Refugee to Online Missionary

In Rwanda, approximately sixty thousand Seventh-day Adventist Congolese are being confined in United Nations refugee camps. There they live on 24 cents a day and are given education through the ninth grade. Their only chance for leaving the refugee camps is getting a job, but without higher education, getting employed can be difficult.

Center for Online Evangelism has partnered with Impact Hope to screen and select the most dedicated young refugees, sending them to boarding schools in Rwanda to further their education and set them on the path to successful careers as digital marketers and online missionaries.

You can make a difference in the life of a refugee. Your generous gift will help cover the cost of training these refugees to use the Internet to spread the Gospel to others. You can help them achieve their dreams of changing their lives, and of changing the lives of others as they train to become online missionaries.

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Make a real difference in a young person’s life today!


Eric Kanezero

Hi! I would like to thank the Lord for this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Kanezero Eric. I am the second born in five siblings: myself and four sisters. We live in South Rwanda at Kigeme camp. My wish is to support my family as well as the my community. I wish to continue my studies until I reach to the level where I am enough to compete with the world. Thank you for time and may God bless you abundantly!

Claude Amani

Claude is 23 years old and has lived in the Kigeme camp since 2012, along with his family. When he is not at his studies, he enjoys music and sports, and dreams of one day being self-employed and owning his own business. To him, leaving the camp to get an education means a chance for a whole new life. Claude’s favorite passage of scripture is the 118th Psalm.

Philemon Iransubije

Philemon is 23 years old and has lived in the Kigeme refugee camp since he was 16. He wants to become an engineer in computer programming and believes that a good education will help him aid his sister and brothers back at the camp. He loves reading and hopes to one day be an important person in society. He is determined to ‘burn the candle on both end’ in order to succeed and his favorite Bible verse is Psalms 106:1.

Emmanuel Gashema

Emmanuel is 19 years old, and he and his mother have lived as refugees for six years. Emmanuel enjoys soccer and singing, and his favorite type of music is gospel songs. He is grateful for the opportunity to go to University and wants to become an expert web designer. Hi favorite Bible verse is Psalms 23:1.

Daniel Nsanzabandi

Daniel is 21 and has lived as a refugee for 6 years, along with his mother and father. He loves reading books and hopes to become a software developer. Particularly, he wants to create software that will make it easier for people to buy things from far away without having to travel. He is very grateful to his sponsors and already has plans on how further education can help in his career.

Sibomana Mburano

Sibomana is 22 and has lived in the Nyabiheke camp for 12 years. Though an orphan, Sibomana is already making plans for how he will benefit his society once he finishes his studies. He plans to go into a career with computers and become skilled in website design. During his free time, he likes to read and think up all the things he’ll do in the future. His favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 50:4.

Elias Ndizeye

Elias is 21 and came to live in the Kigeme refugee camp in the December of 2012, where his mother still lives. Elias enjoys reading the Bible and is working on learning English. Although he wants to become skilled in research and computer technology, his main goal is to become a skilled and reliable person both in and out of his career once he finishes his studies.

Patrick Mwiseneza

Patrick is 23 and has lived in the Kigeme refugee camp for 7 years, along with his mother and step-father. He enjoys playing football (soccer) and listening to music. Patrick’s dream is to acquire his PhD degree and become a successful businessman so that one day he can help raise his country out of poverty. His favorite verses are Isaiah 44:10 and Jeremiah 29:11.

Rafiki Mureramanzi

Rafiki is 24 and has lived in the Kigeme refugee camp with his mother for 6 years. During his free time, he enjoys singing and reading. He is determined to succeed in his studies, dreaming of helping his nation and of one day being remembered for all the things he’ll accomplish. His favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:7.

Jackson Nizeyimana

Jackson is 22 and has lived in the Kigeme camp for 6 years, along with his parents. He enjoys playing soccer and is always on the lookout for new technology and the latest thing. He also enjoys research. Jackson is studying information and technology, and hopes to use what he discovers to benefit the lives of everyone in the refugee camps. His favorite verse is John 3:16.

Gad Rukundo

Gad is 20 years old and has lived with his parents in the refugee camp for six years. He enjoys music and is a skilled singer. He is grateful to his sponsors for the opportunity and knows that a good education could change his life, giving him the skills to becoming a computer programmer and one day starting his own business. His favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:11.

Marcel Ngabo

Marcel is 21 and lives in the Kiziba refugee camp with his mother. When he has free time, he enjoys sports and working out, but also takes time for reading. Marcel is particularly grateful to God and his sponsors for giving him to opportunity to go to University, because it will give him the chance to study technology and start working on fulfilling his dreams. His favorite passage of scripture is the 146th Psalm.

Samuel Manzi

Samuel is 22 years old and has lived in the refugee camp for 6 years with his mother and father. His spends his free time in sports and exercise as well as reading. His dream is to become skilled in digital information and technology so that he can become a computer programmer. His favorite verses are Jeremiah 2:6 and Job 28:28.

Gilbert Tumusifu

Gilbert is 22 years old and has lived in the Kigeme camp for six years, along with his family. He enjoys playing volleyball and singing. He appreciates the opportunity for higher education and hopes to be skilled enough to become a professional computer programmer and design websites. His favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:6.

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