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3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Church Website

Whether you're a web developer or you've just been saddled with managing your church's website, here are some simple tips that can boost "findability" in search results, engagement with your content, and lead...

How to [Verb] Your Headlines

Make Your Headlines "Catch Your Readers!"
The purpose of headlines is more than just making announcements. This is where you convince your audience that yes, this piece of content is worth their...

Lsn 3: SEO 101—Google Analytics Tutorials

2-in-1 Tutorial to Understand the Possibilities and Best Practices

After the successful installation of Google Analytics and Search Console in Lesson 2, this lesson will get you acquainted with the terminology and functions...

Stock your writer’s toolkit for 2018

We’re all writers! What are your 2018 Writers’ Resolutions? Here’s something we can all agree on, no matter if you’re a school updating your website, a small ministry creating a new brochure, or...

Optimize your organization’s Yelp page

Not just for businesses—Yelp is also beneficial for churches & other nonprofits! If your organization (or constituent organizations) is on Yelp, there is great potential. It may be daunting at first to open...

How Are Your Readers Reading?

Your readership might be on their desktop or laptop computers, on their tablet, or on their phones. They might be in research mode, looking for every last drop of information. They may be...

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